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Actions provide a way for you and your board to manage the various tasks and action items that come out of your meetings.

Creating Actions

There are two places you can create Actions.

Meeting Actions

You can create actions via the meeting Minute Taker functionality.

To assign actions via a meeting first you need to create a meeting.

Once you have created your meeting you will need to open the Minute Taker.

Inside the Minute Taker next to each Agenda Item or Sub-item there is a small clipboard icon. Click this icon to access action assignment modal.

Actions can also be accessed via the Minute Taking modal when you are taking minutes.

In the Action Assignment modal you can add the following details to create and assign an action.

  • Action Details
  • Status
    • Not Yet Started
    • On Hold
    • In Progress
    • Complete
    • Closed
  • Due Date
  • Assign Members
  • Assign Non-Members

Once you have filled in the above details click either Assign Action or Save.

If you click Assign Action this will trigger email notifications to the members and non-members ticked in the lists.

If you click Save this will create the Action but will not trigger email notifications to send to the members selected.

Once the Action is created it will show at the top of the actions modal.

Actions Page

Coming soon.

Viewing Actions

You can view Actions in several places in your portal.

Start Page

On the Start Page you can view the (up to) ten actions assigned to you, that are due soonest. This is the same for Admin members and members without the Admin role assigned.

Actions Page

On the Actions Page members assigned the Admin role can view all actions assigned to all members on your portal.

Members without the Admin role only see actions assigned to them.

Meeting Detail

On the meeting detail page for each meeting you can view the outstanding Actions and Closed Actions that are associated with the meeting type. So if the meeting type is, fir example, set as "Board Meeting" then you will not just see the Actions for the current meeting but all actions across all the meetings with the type "Board Meeting", this is to assist with continuity of actions across meetings.

Updated: 01 May 2020