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Setting your portal up for success

You've signed up for Our Cat Herder and are ready to get started streamlining your meetings.

There are quite a few features inside, so where is the best place to start?

1. Make your portal your own.

With a quick configuration you can easily brand your Our Cat Herder portal as your own.

Branding with your organisations logo ensure's when you invite your board members to the portal it already has at least some familiar elements to help them feel comfortable. 

Click here for instructions on how to brand your Our Cat Herder portal.

2. Invite your board members

Before you invite your board members - send an email or make a phone call to let them know to look out for an invite from - encourage them to add this email to their emails safe list so it doesn't land in their spam.

Click here for instructions on how to invite your board and others who need access to the portal.

3. Start a Discussion

Starting a welcome discussion in Discussions during your trial is a great way to (a) get board members familiar with this feature, and (b) also gives you a place to ask board members for their thoughts on whether Our Cat Herder will be suitable for your board. 

Click here for instructions on how to create a Discussion.

4. Setup your sub-committees and/or task-forces

Most boards have sub-committees or special project task-forces. Our Cat Herder allows you to create as many of these as you need. They can be open to all members on your portal or closed to only members of your portal you choose to add.

Click here for instructions on how to use Our Cat Herder with your sub committees.

5. Setup your next 3 board or committee meetings

Many of Our Cat Herder's most powerful features are unlocked when you create your first meeting. We recommend setting up  the basics of at least your next three upcoming board or committee meetings. 

Click here for instructions on how to create a Meeting.

6. Run a test meeting

If you plan to use Our Cat Herder to take minutes live in a board meeting (each organisation using Our Cat Herder tends to have it's own unique way of using the minute taking feature) then ensure you run a test meeting with your minute taker (if it is not you) to get a feel for how the software works. This means a real meeting will run more smoothly using Our Cat Herder.

Click here for instructions on how to take minutes in Our Cat Herder.

Updated: 01 November 2021