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Getting Started

What is Our Cat Herder?

Our Cat Herder is a board portal to manage the many administrative tasks that keep a board functioning. If you'd like to know more about what Our Cat Herder is please visit our marketing website.

Why might my board be considering using Our Cat Herder?

Because your board wants to be more effective and streamline many of the administrative tasks that keep your board running.

If you're not really sure what a board portal is or what the benefits of one are, then we suggest these two articles – What is a board portal? and Streamlining the Work of the Board – to familiarise yourself with the concept and benefits of board portals.

How do I setup my account?

You will have been sent an invitation to activate your own Our Cat Herder account which will be connected to your organisation's portal.

Simply follow the instructions in the email and you should very quickly be up and running.

If you encounter any issues during activation please contact us on support@ourcatherder.comUpdated: 31 January 2023