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As you and your members use your Our Cat Herder portal you will receive various notifications.


All notifications sent from Our Cat Herder come from the email address.

Notifications F.A.Q

Can I turn email notifications off?

Broadly the answer is no. However we are working to introduce comprehensive notification management, in Discussions you can now control notifications you receive.

Below is a guide to the various notifications sent and why.


You've been Invited to Join

When portal Admin's add a member to their portal member receives an invitation to join your portal. That invitation will include a verification code and a temporary password.


You can manage discussion notifications on a group basis. To adjust your discussion notifications navigate to the discussion group you wish to adjust ( Discussions >> [Group Name] ), click the name of the group and then click the Notification Settings button. Use the tick boxes to adjust your preferences.

Group Invitation

Sent when you are added to a discussion group.

New Topic

Sent when a new topic is started in a discussion group you are a member of.

Reply to topic

Sent when a new reply to a topic in a discussion group you are a member of is posted.


New Meeting (Meeting Creation)

Invites Actions Resend Comments Minutes Approval

Edit Meeting

Decision Maker

Invite to Vote

You will receive an Invite to Vote notification when you have been invited to participate in a decision vote.

Reminder to Vote

If the creator of the vote has set a vote by date/time then you will receive up to three Reminder to Vote notifications.

These notifications are sent on the following schedule before the deadline to vote 1 week, 1 day and 1 hour prior to the vote by date/time.



My Details

Change email

You will receive a series of notifications when you choose to update your email address.

Change Password

When you initiate a password change you will receive a series of notifications to help you update your password


Your Account has been accessed from a new IP address

This security notification is sent when the Our Cat Herder system detects that you account is being accessed from a new device or IP Address. If these notifications occur when you are logging in, then it is 99.99% you rather than someone else. But if they appear when you have not been accessing the system then we recommend you change your password and activate two factor authentication.

When you enable two factor authentication (via the My Details page) the "Your Account has been accessed from a new IP address" will no longer be sent.

Updated: 29 April 2020