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Multiple Portals

Our Cat Herder has been designed to allow you to be a member (or Admin if required) of multiple portals using a single login.

Create more than one portal

You can create a new portal by clicking your organisation's name in the top menu. Then in the drop down that appears click "New Organisation...", this will start the new portal creation process. Complete the information requested and then a new portal will be attached to your user.

Multiple Subscriptions

Each time a portal is created via the "New Organisation..." link this is considered to be a new subscription. So you will be required to pay for the additional portal if you wish to keep it past the free 45 day trial period. Discounts are offered on multiple portals paid for by the same entity. Email for more details on the multi-portal discounts available.

Access multiple portals

When your user is connected to multiple portals then you can access them in two ways:

  1. By clicking the organisation name that appears in the top menu. Which will open a drop down where you can simply click the name of the other portal to access it.

  2. If you visit your "My Details" page by clicking your name in the top menu and selecting "My Details" from the drop down. You will then see a list of the organisation's you are connected to and can access them by clicking the View button.

Should I create a new portal to run my sub-committee(s)?

You can create a new portal for this purpose and several of our clients do this, but as per the above to keep the portal past the 45 day free trial period payment will be required.

It is possible to configure your portal to allow you to use it to manage your subs committees meetings as well as your board meetings.

Can I create another portal for my management team or staff to run their meetings?

Yes you can. Several of our clients do this as it is a good way to ensure that you don't accidentally give a staff member access to board materials. To keep the portal past the 45 day free trial period payment will be required, however discounts are available for multiple portal subscriptions paid for by a single organisation.

Updated: 21 April 2020