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Which web browsers does Our Cat Herder support?

If you aren't sure which browser you are using please visit to find out.

The recommended browsers for use with Our Cat Herder are the latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox.

Both Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari have been reported to work well with Our Cat Herder by users, but we do not yet test extensively on these two browsers.

Internet Explorer

Our Cat Herder does not support any version of Internet Explorer.
Using any version of Internet Explorer will render parts or Our Cat Herder (such as minute taking) un-usable or non-functional.

Internet Explorer (even version 11) is widely considered, even by its maker Microsoft, to be a compatibility solution for legacy applications that can only operate in Internet Explorer rather than a modern web browser.

While Microsoft has stated it is committed to issuing security patches when required for Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer is no longer updated to support the latest standards and technologies being developed.

Please see or for further information.

Is there a file size limit for Documents?

While there is not a limit to the total amount of storage your organisation can utilise in Our Cat Herder. There is currently a 100Mb per file upload limit. Uploading any file over 100Mb in size will result in an application error.

A common way to remedy this issue is to either:

  • Split the file into multiple files for upload

  • If the file is a PDF then use the Reduce PDF Size feature in Adobe Acrobat. Details for how to use Adobe Acrobats Reduce PDF Size feature are available here​

How do I open zip files on iPad?

There are several options for working with the zip files from Our Cat Herder on your iPad.

If you have the latest version of iOS then we recommend using the native iOS Files app. 

The following link has a great tutorial for using the Files app

Alternatively some Our Cat Herder user prefer to use third party solutions like Readdle Documents

How do I make notes on my electronic documents?

To make notes on your board or committee papers using a digital device, download the free Adobe Reader application from the iTunes or Google Play stores. Open your papers in Adobe Reader on your device.

Follow these instructions to make edit marks on your documents.

Save these edited documents to your private Adobe folder, so no one else in the group can see them.

Updated: 05 March 2020