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General Quick Start


This section provides a quick overview to get you acquainted with Our Cat Herder from the perspective of a general user. For more in-depth details on Our Cat Herder check out the deep dive section.

For Administrator specific quick start please click here for a short quick start guide.

Our Cat Herder is focused on providing you with the tools to streamline your meetings and your governance.


When your portal administrator invited you to your board's Our Cat Herder portal you will have been assigned a role. You can view this by clicking your name in the members area of your portal. You can view the permissions or privileges the role assigned has by clicking Roles in the menu next to this docuement.

When you first login to Our Cat Herder you will find two menus available to you:

  1. Green Menu (Left Hand Side)

The left hand green menu provides access to 95% of Our Cat Herder's functions. It is focused on helping you navigate the specific portal you are currently using.

  1. Top Menu

The top menu provides

Left Hand Green Menu

Start Page





Decision Maker



Below is brief overview of each part of Our Cat Herder.

Start page

The Start page is the first page that users will land on when they access your portal.

Here they will get an overview of activity on the portal that they need to know about.

It will show Actions, Upcoming Meetings, Discussions and officer holder details on the top right.

You can customise the header image that shows to use your own logo or image. For details on how to do this click here.


The members page simply lists members on your portal. Admin users also have access to functionality to manage members.


Discussions is the area of Our Cat Herder where you and your users can discuss different topics. You can create separate areas for different discussions and permission access to each. For example you might add "Board", "Finance Committee" etc.. to separate discussions into clear areas for different topics.

For more details on discussions click here.


Meetings is utilised to create, run and manage all your meetings.

Once your administrator has created a meeting you will be able to view the board pack, leave meeting comments, add notes to your board pack and more.

For more details on meeting functionality click here.


You or others on your portal can be assigned actions to undertake. You can view your actions in the action area and also actions related to a specific meeting will be viewable there.

For more details on actions click here.

Decision Maker

The Decision Maker is a tool for board members to vote between meetings.

You can create a new proposal for voting, add additional attachments and documentation and invite members of your portal to vote.

Once a proposal is created you cannot edit it. But you can invite more people to vote.

For more details on decision maker click here.


Documents is a basic document storage area for you to store important documentation your board needs access to. Which might include Strategic Plans, Policies or Procedures etc...

For more details on documents click here.

Links is utilised for storing web links to external websites and reference material. Some examples of what you might utilise this for include: ASIC, External Standards Documents, ACNC etc...

Updated: 02 November 2021