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I am having trouble logging in

If you are having trouble logging into Our Cat Herder please use the below information to troubleshoot the issue.

I receive a message saying "Your email or password has not been recognised"

A. Check with your portal administrator which specific email they have used and ensure you are using that one exactly.

Sometimes your portal admin may have made a mistake or used another email you have (such as your personal one). A common gotcha is if you typically use first but you are inputting (without the dot in between) then the OCH system will not grant you access because, even though you might receive email to both, from the Our Cat Herder system’s point of view they are completely different addresses.

B. If you are using a saved bookmark or link (or a link in your email program) to navigate to the portal login this might be creating a login loop.

To ensure you are not stuck in a log in loop head directly to then click the "Sign In" button on the top right side. Try logging in.

C. If the email is correct but you still get the error then the password you are typing in is incorrect.

Remember, the passwords for Our Cat Herder are case-sensitive. So double check you are typing it correctly. 

If you have forgotten your password you will need to reset it via​

Due to the complexity of passwords required by Our Cat Herder it can be difficult to remember them (especially if it is different to your other passwords). Therefore we highly recommend the use of a Password Management program such as Dashlane, 1Password or Google Password Manager. Some of these have a free tier for personal use, while others cost as little as $1 per month. A password manager can help you easily generate and store a unique password that will meet the password complexity requirements that Our Cat Herder has.

I can login, but get an account not verified message.

If you navigate to​ and follow the reset process this should allow you to become verified, set a password and login.


Passwords are case-sensitive. For example Password is not the same as password.

Login details (both email and password) must match exactly otherwise you will not be able to login. In 95% of cases where users cannot access Our Cat Herder either the email or the password being tried is incorrect, even though you may be certain you are typing these details correctly the Our Cat Herder system requires what is typed to match exactly the login credentials it has stored.

If you are using a password manager be sure to verify that the password saved is the correct one. Previously there have been users who thought that they had correctly saved the new password to the password manager but had not. 99% of the time this is not the case but it is worth checking just in case.

Minutes Last Meeting Issues

There are two issues you might encounter in regards to the Minutes Last Meeting.

  1. Minutes Last Meeting Restricted Access Notice - click here for more details to how to fix this.

  2. Seeing minutes that are not from the immediate past meeting but another meeting.

Number two has two possible causes:

The most common reason for "Seeing minutes that are not from the immediate past meeting but another meeting" is that the the "Meeting Types" are different between the two meetings.

Check and adjust the meeting type of the relevant meetings to ensure they match.

The second reason would be in the below scenario:

You as Admin can see the correct Minutes Last Meeting but another user, who was not at the immediate past meeting of the same type and has a role such as "Staff", sees minutes from the same meeting type but from a meeting further back.

This happens when the user attended a past meeting of the same type but not the immediate past meeting. It is to do with the Minutes Last Meeting Restricted Access Notice and can be fixed the same way.

Users who have attended some past meetings but were not invited the immediate last one to the one they are currently participating in will only be able to view the minutes from the last meeting they were invited to. To fix this add them as a 'viewer' to the meeting they need to see minutes for.

This structure while sometimes confusing is in place to help ensure that access to confidentiality of data is maintained.

I am still having trouble..

Please contact and we will endeavour to assist.

Updated: 1 May 2024