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Why is my meeting showing "Viewing only mode"?

Meetings in Our Cat Herder allow for a specific meeting role to be assigned.

The roles you can set for meeting invitees are:

  • Attendee
  • Minute Taker
  • View Only

If you select "View Only" for a person you are inviting to a meeting then the person will see "Viewing only mode" at the top of their meeting screen.

View Only people are also not added to the attendee list.

Past Meetings

Any member added to a meeting appearing in 'Past Meetings' will be added in "View Only" mode.

If you do not want this to happen you will need to:

a. change the meeting date to a date in the future (so it goes to current meetings). You may wish to tick "Do not email invite(s)".

b. Go into the meeting, click the Add People or Invite People button (this button adjusts based on the "Do not email invite(s)" checkbox state)

c. Once you have added everyone you require, click "Edit Details" and change the meeting back to the correct date.