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Deputy Chair: Permissions & Access

Please see Chair Role.

However Documents permissions for the Deputy-Chair role are different to the the permissions the Chair role has.

Icon Key
Full Access - Can create, read, update and delete. Access to all functionality in this part of Our Cat Herder.
Partial Access - Has partial access to create, read, update and delete. See further details below for specifics.
Read/View Only - Can only read/view. Has no ability to create, update and delete.
No Access - Cannot Access this area of Our Cat Herder at all.


Activity Permissions
View Mode Folders invited to
Upload Files In folders invited to
Create New Folders In folders invited to
Cut & Paste Files
Cut & Paste Folders
Re-Order Files
Re-Order Folders
Change Folder Access
Replace/Update Files
Delete Files
Delete Folders

Updated: 23 June 2020