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How does the meeting chairperson sign off minutes?

The process is straight forward

  1. As a meeting chair the Admin for the meeting will click a button to request sign off from you.
  2. You will receive an email titled "Minutes Sign Off Request"
  3. Click the "To sign off the meeting minutes click here." link
  4. You will be directed to the minutes page for the meeting in question (you might need to login but you should be redirected, if not login and then once logged in click the link again)
  5. view the minutes using the green "Preview Minutes PDF" button on the top left of the minutes.
  6. Once happy close the minutes PDF using the X in the top right of the modal.
  7. Scroll down the page and click the "Approve" button.
  8. Minutes for the meeting are now approved. You may wish to navigate to the actions area to resolve the action associated with the sign off to closed (creation of that action is automatic but resolving the action is not )

You can view a video walk though of this process below:

Updated: 07 February 2023