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Documents is a basic document storage area for you to store important documentation your board needs access to. Which might include Strategic Plans, Policies or Procedures etc...

Within Documents you can sort your files into folders so that members can easily get the files they need when they need them.

You can also permission your folders so that specific portal members can or cannot access them.

Default Folders

When your Our Cat Herder portal is created we create the following default folders in Documents:

Meetings Archive
Committee Charters/Terms of Reference
Strategic Plan

With the exception of the Meetings Archive folder, which is a folder required by the Our Cat Herder system, you are free to delete these folders if needed.

Create a folder

To create a folder navigate to Documents.

At the top of the Documents click the New Folder button.

This will open a modal where you can type the folder name and set who on your portal has access to the folder.

Remember if you untick yourself you will not be able to access the folder.

Once you have named the folder and chosen who should have access to the folder then click the Create Folder button.

Change or update folder Permissions

Access to Documents folders is customisable. You can choose which members on your portal have access and which do not.

To customise folder access navigate to the folder you wish to change, but don not click into it.

To the right of the folder you should see a small person and cog icon . Click the icon.

A modal will open and will show the list of portal members to choose from. If the folder contains sub-folders a tick box titled Apply to sub folders will appear toward the bottom of the modal. By default it is ticked so any changes you make here to permissions will be applied to all folders inside the folder you are editing. If you do no want to apply the permissions change to all folders inside the folder then untick this checkbox.

Once you have updated you permissions as you require click the Save button to apply your permissions update.

Upload a Document

Navigate to the Folder in Documents where you wish to upload your files.

At the top of the page click the Upload File button.

You can now browse your device to choose the files you wish to upload or drag and drop them to the upload area.

Once you have finished choosing the files you wish to upload click the Upload button. Once the upload is complete then you can either close the window using the green in the top right corner or if you wish to notify specific users about the file upload then click the Notify Users button on the bottom right.

Move Documents and Folders

With the exception of the Meetings Archive folder you can rearrange the files and folders in Documents as required.

Navigate to the file or folder you wish to move. Tick tick box in the "Cut" column to the right of the file or folder.

After you have selected all the files and folders you are going to move from this screen, click the Cut button in the top row of pink buttons. The folders and files you selected should now have a strike-through the names.

Now navigate to the folder in Documents you are moving these files and folders too and click the Paste button to move the files.

Meetings Archive Folder

The Meetings Archive folder is a special system generated folder that is connected to your Meetings.

The Meetings Archive cannot be deleted or moved around.

The Our Cat Herder system sorts meeting data within the Meetings Archive based on your meeting types and meetings data. It also manages permissions on the sub-folders within the Meetings Archive based on who is invited to a meeting. You can add a member to a folders permissions within in the Meetings Archive, but if a member is invited to a meeting you cannot remove them from the folders permissions unless you remove them from the meeting itself.

Updated: 22 April 2020