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Agenda Builder

For each Meeting you setup in Our Cat Herder you can build a unique and customised Agenda. You can also build Agenda Templates to help speed up your recurring meeting setup.

Agenda Builder (in Meetings)

To get started building an Agenda you need to create a meeting. To create a meeting follow the steps under Meetings.

Once you have created your meeting, click the meeting name and then click the Edit Agenda button.

If this is the first time you have created a meeting on Our Cat Herder you will see the default Agenda template loaded which has ten basic agenda items. You can (and should) change this to suit your organisations specific agenda requirements.

Add Agenda Item

To add a new agenda item click the Add Agenda Item button.

In the modal that shows enter:

  1. A name for your Agenda item.
  2. Time allocated to the item (duration) - this is optional

You can also add any sub-items here as well by clicking the Add Sub Item button.

When you have finished click the Save button to create the agenda item.

The item will appear at the bottom of the Agenda.

Re-arrange Agenda Items

You can re-order Agenda items by clicking, holding and dragging the icon to the right of each Agenda item.

Once you have moved all the Agenda items you need then click the Save Agenda button at the bottom of the page or the Save button at the top.

Edit Agenda Items

On the left of each Agenda item you will see a small edit icon. Click this to update or change your Agenda item.

Delete Agenda Item

To delete an Agenda item simply click the trashcan icon to the right of the Agenda item.


Remember this will also remove sub-items and attachments that form part of this Agenda item.

Add Attachments

You can add attachments to agenda items by clicking the paperclip icons to the right of the agenda item.

This will give you the option to upload files from your device or you can add files from inside your portals Documents section by clicking the Upload Internal File tab at the top of the modal.

Re-order Attachments

You can change the order of attachments on each item by clicking, holding and dragging the icon to the right of each attachment.

Move Attachments to a different item

To move an attachment to a different agenda item click, hold and drag the six small dots icon to the left of the attachment name.

Then drag and drop the attachment onto the Agenda item you would like to move it to.

The item should highlight with a series of dashes around it.

A modal will appear asking you to confirm that you do wish to move the attachment. Click Yes and your attachment will be moved. If you click No it will stay on the original item.

Remove Attachments

Once an attachment has been added you can remove it from your agenda item by clicking the trashcan icon to the right hand side of the attachment.

A modal will appear asking you to confirm if you wish to remove the attachment.

In the modal you can also choose to delete the attachment from your portal entirely by ticking the Also delete from documents checkbox.

Save as Template

Our Cat Herder has an Agenda template system connected to the Meeting Type.

Each Meeting Type can have its own agenda template. The template is automatically loaded into the meeting when you create a new meeting of that Meeting Type.

You can edit the template in the Meeting Type template editor or you can create an Agenda in the Agenda Builder and then save this as the template for that meeting type. To save the template from the Agenda Builder simply click the Save As Template button.

In the modal that appears it will tell you the meeting type template you are going to over-write. Simply click Save and your new template will have been saved to the meeting type.

Override from Template

If you want use the Agenda template from another meeting type (or to use updated version of a template on a meeting created prior to the update) then you can use the Override From Template button.

This will over-write the Agenda for this meeting only and fill it in based on the template saved for the meeting type you have selected. To override the Agenda:

  1. Click Override From Template
  2. In the modal, select the Meeting Type (which selects the corresponding Agenda Template) you want to use from the list presented.
  3. Click Override
  4. You Agenda will now have been replaced with the template connected to the Meeting Type selected.

Sometimes you might need to add a link to a document or website directly to your Agenda.

To add a hyper link to your agenda simply add a new Agenda item/Sub item or edit an existing one.

In the area where you would typically put the name of the Agenda item simply paste your link and then save the item. When the agenda is saved to PDF this will automatically be converted to a link users can click on.

If you want to have a description for the link, you can have the description as the main Agenda item and then add the link as a sub item.

Updated: 25 November 2020