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Billing Contact: Permissions & Access

The Billing Contact roles is intended only to be assigned to a user who already has another role on your portal, but it is possible to use it as a standalone role (although we do not recommend this).

Icon Key
Full Access - Can create, read, update and delete. Access to all functionality in this part of Our Cat Herder.
Partial Access - Has partial access to create, read, update and delete. See further details below for specifics.
Read/View Only - Can only read/view. Has no ability to create, update and delete.
No Access - Cannot Access this area of Our Cat Herder at all.

Area Access
Start Page Full Access
Members Read/View Only
Discussions Partial Access
Meetings Partial Access
Actions Partial Access
Decision Maker Read/View Only
Documents Partial Access
Links Full Access
Settings No Access
Billing Full Access
Activity Log No Access

Further Details


Activity Permissions
Add Member
Export Contact List
Add Non-Member
Delete Members
Add/Remove Roles
Set Member Term
Update Member Email
Update Member Name
View Members
View Non-Members
View Members Details
View Non-Members Details
Resend Member Invite
Enforce Two Factor Authentication for all members


Activity Permissions
Create Discussion Group
See Private Group If Invited
See Public Group
Join Private Group If Invited
Join Public Group
Edit Public Group Details If group owner
Edit Private Group Details If group owner
Delete Group If group owner
Delete Discussion Thread
Create Discussion Thread
Edit Discussion Reply Own, not other members
Post Reply in Thread
Delete Thread Reply Own, not other members
Edit Thread Notification Settings Own, not other members


Activity Permissions
View Mode If Invited/Created
Create Meeting
Edit Meeting Types
Delete Meetings If Created
Edit Meeting Details If Created or set as meeting chairperson

Please note that meetings are configurable on a meeting to meeting basis to allow members without specific roles access to features their role would not ordinarily have access to.

If a member created a meeting OR are set as the meeting chairperson they have full control of this meeting only.


Activity Permissions
View Actions Assigned Actions Only
Assign Actions
Resend Notifications
Update Actions Assigned Actions Only

Decision Maker

Activity Permissions
Search Decisions Only ones invited too
Create Proposal
Add members to proposal
View Proposals When invited to vote
Vote on Proposals When invited to vote


Activity Permissions
View Mode Folders invited to
Upload Files In folders invited to
Create New Folders In folders invited to
Cut & Paste Files
Cut & Paste Folders
Re-Order Files
Re-Order Folders
Change Folder Access
Replace/Update Files
Delete Files
Delete Folders
Activity Permissions
Add Link Full access
Edit Link Full access
Delete Link Full access
Search Links Full access


No Access.


Full access

Activity Log

No Access.

Billing Contact Role Video

Coming Soon

Updated: 25 June 2020