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2020 Our Cat Herder Updates

Updates to the Our Cat Herder system in 2021.

Feb - April 2021

New Features

Meeting Pack Notation

Meeting attendees can now notate "All as PDF" meeting packs inside meetings with private notes.

Minor Updates


  • Portal Admin's can globally disable the download meeting papers as a zip file for the portal.


  • 'Private' is now the default when a Discussion Group is created.


- You can now send a notification when you comment on an action to the action assignees.

Activity Log

  • When logging folder deletion to "activity log" we now log a list of the files within that were removed.


  • Added user who uploaded a file and user that last updated the file.

Bug Fixes

  • Increase margins in Minutes and Agenda system generated PDF files.

  • Meeting update notifications now update .ics file.

  • System appending (1) to folders on some portals fixed.

  • DESCRIPTION, LOCATION & ORGANISER added to .ics files.

  • Stoped meeting chairperson getting two meeting invite notifications by default to meetings.

  • Admin's can no longer select view only mode in meetings on their own user.

  • No longer send users a copy of their own discussion message in Discussions.

January 2021

New Features

  • Admin's can request minutes unlock and chair can approve unlock. Changes to minutes are logged and tracked.

  • Mark Documents as read. On the meeting details page you can now mark each document as read so you know which documents you have looked at and those you haven't.

  • Each user can now have a secondary email attached to their account. Users can control which portal notifications go to each email and if the secondary email can be user for login.

Minor Updates

  • Admin/Meeting Creators can now exclude specific system generated documents from the "All as PDF" document.

Bug Fixes

  • Not all user logins were being shown in the Activity Log (although they were being recorded by Our Cat Herder)