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Password suddenly stopped woking

If you’re a regular user of Our Cat Herder and your password has suddenly stopped working (specifically if reset does not appear to be working either), here are a few pointers to help you troubleshoot the issue.

Please note that having an Admin user remove your user from system and re-add is highly unlikely to fix the issue.

Are the cookies in your browser turned on?

If you’ve recently been browsing a website where you needed to turn off cookies (eg: news sites with free article limits), have you remembered to turn them back on again? Or perhaps you disabled them without meaning to? will show you how to disable cookies in your browser. Simply follow the reverse to enable them or at least it will show you where to look to make sure cookies are on.

Have you cleared your browser’s cache?

Sometimes browser’s just get “confused” or hold onto old data - clearing or reseting the cache makes sure that your browser will have the latest information from Our Cat Herder.

Visit for more details on clearing your browser’s cache.

Are you using a browser that is up-to-date or compatible with Our Cat Herder?

We recommend you are using an up-to-date web browser on your device. You can check the browser you are using and if it is the latest version at or

If you are using Internet Explorer 11 - yes this is technically the latest version of this browser - but it will not work with Our Cat Herder.

You can read more about Our Cat Herder and web browsers here.

Updated: 01 Feb 2021