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The Billing page is where you can manage your Our Cat Herder subscription.

You can access the Billing page by clicking Billing in the left hand green menu or if your free trial is about to expire or your portal is due due for renewal then you will see a small notice at the bottom of the left hand green menu with a link to your Portal's billing page.

On the Billing page you can view:

  • How much you will be charged for your subscription
  • Payments history
  • Add or update your credit card details (if you choose to pay via credit card)
  • Billing Plan Frequency (Yearly or Monthly)

If you choose to add a credit card by clicking the Add payment card and entering your credit card details you will be immediately billed for your first month or year (depending on the frequency you choose) of subscription.

Subscriptions are billed either in Australian or New Zealand dollars based on the Country set in in Settings under Registered Address.

If the Country is set to New Zealand then you will be billed in New Zealand Dollars.

If the Country is set to Australia or any other country then you will be billed in Australian Dollars.

Please note on some computers, if the system is setup in a specific ay then the Payment History may show in Pounds. We do not charge in pounds.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding billing or your subscription please contact us on

Updated: 16 April 2020