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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get when organisations are trialling Our Cat Herder.

For in depth guides on Our Cat Herder features click here.

Pricing & Payments

How much does Our Cat Herder cost?

Please visit the Our Cat Herder pricing page for the latest pricing information.

Is that a per user price?

We do not price per user. Our pricing is per legal entity. For that price you can add as many or as few users as you need to your organisation's board portal.

Do you offer not-for-profit/non-profit/charity pricing?

Our Cat Herder is built specifically for purpose-driven organisations (a.k.a not-for-profit/non-profit/charities) and has been priced to reflect this.

My company/organisation is not a purpose-driven organisation, can I still use Our Cat Herder?

While we have built Our Cat Herder for purpose-driven organisation's we still welcome others to use the Our Cat Herder board portal to improve their board or meetings.

Can I pay my subscription pay in my local currency?

Our Cat Herder subscriptions are priced in one of two currencies AUD and NZD.

  • If you organisation is headquartered in Australia your subscription will default to AUD.
  • If you organisation is headquartered in New Zealand your subscription will default to NZD.
  • For all other countries your subscription will default to AUD.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

Many alternatives to Our Cat Herder lock organisations into long-term difficult to exit contracts.

You are not locked into Our Cat Herder. Your subscription runs for the period of time you choose to subscribe for (monthly or yearly) and you are free to leave at any time (please note we do not offer refunds on monies already paid).

Security, Hosting & Data

Where is my data located?

All Our Cat Herder data resides in data centres in Sydney, Australia. For more information on our Security please visit

Does Our Cat Herder offer two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Yes 2FA is available to all Our Cat Herder users.

Other Questions

Can we use Our Cat Herder for more than just our Board meetings?

Yes you can structure your portal and access in such a way that this is possible. Many of our clients run all their organisations meetings through their portal.

Updated: 25 June 2020