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Why are my members getting multiple meeting notifications?

Once in a while some portal Admin's come across an issue where members invited to a particular meeting are getting multiple meeting notifications.

At first this appears to the members who receive the notifications as a system glitch, this is not the case.

The cause of the multiple meeting notifications is multiple editing of the "Meeting Details" when the "Do not email invite(s)" checkbox is not checked.

If "Do not email invite(s)" is unchecked and you open "Meeting Details" and click save then the system will generate a notification to meeting invitees. The reasoning behind this behaviour is that any change to the "Meeting Details" is something an attendee will want to be aware of.

To stop this from occurring we highly recommend you check the "Do not email invite(s)" when creating your meetings so then you can edit without sending multiple notifications to your members.

Updated: 07 July 2020