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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the question other portal administrators ask most frequently.

Can I be a member of multiple boards/organisations?

Yes you can be a member of multiple boards/organisations who are using Our Cat Herder.

Since many board members sit on multiple boards (which might all use Our Cat Herder as their board portal), the Our Cat Herder software has been built to allow you to have a single login that allows you to access multiple boards or organisations (if you have been invited to join the board or organisation by the administrator) and have different access levels and privileges on each.

If you are are a member of multiple boards/organisations and have been added to their Our Cat Herder account by the administrator you can access each board by navigating to the top menu. There you should see an organisation name. 

Click the organisation name in the top menu. This will give you a drop down to select other organisations you have been added to. 

From here you can also create a brand new organisation to invite to use Our Cat Herder. 

If you are only a member of one organisation all you will see in this menu drop down is the "New Organisation..." link, which allows you to add another organisation if you need to.

You can also navigate the portals you are a member of via your My Details page.

How do I fix formatting issues when copy/pasting text into Our Cat Herder from Microsoft Word?

In the Our Cat Herder editor window, on the far right hand side there is a small brush icon which allows you to clean the pasted text of excess formatting that Microsoft Word uses but Our Cat Herder does not require.

We recommend using the cleaner brush on any text you copy and then paste into Our Cat Herder.

How do I tell if a board members account is active?

To see if a board member's account is active head to the members page and look for a green dot to the left of their name. This green dot or circle indicates that the user has successfully activate their account.

Can my members and I annotate or take notes on documents in Our Cat Herder?

Yes board members can take notes on their board packs in Our Cat Herder meetings. Please see the short video below for how to do this.

Updated: 27 July 2023