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Can I run Subcommittees in my portal?

You can either setup a new portal for a subcommittee or adjust your current portal to run your board and subcommittees.

Which option you choose will depend on your organisation's specific situation.

Subcommittees in Current Portal


  • Keeps everything together
  • One portal to manage
  • No extra costs or subscription fees


  • You may need to be more careful with your portal's permissioning, specifically when assigning Member Roles and also when specifying access to folders in Documents.
  • One issue for some organisations is that different people administer the board and the subcommittees. This is typically an issue that occurs when a subcommittee admin needs to perform admin actions on the portal, but should be have access to any board specific data. In this case you may need to use a seperate portal.

For details on configuring your portal for multiple committees please click here.

Subcommittee in new portal


  • Complete separation of data
  • Can restrict those assigned the Admin Role to one portal (eg Subcommittee portal) and not have access to another (Board's portal).


  • Costs more as you will need to a second subscription (we do offer discounts for additional subscriptions paid by one organisation, please contact our team for details).

Updated: 17 July 2020