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Can I edit signed off minutes?


How to tell if your meeting minutes are signed off. In the Upcoming/Past Meeting tab find the meeting. If it is signed off then next to the meeting name you will see a small file/contract icon in grey.

Once a meeting's minutes have been placed in the signed-off state and the meeting is locked you are still able to edit the minutes, however you must request permission from the meeting chair.

  1. To request meeting unlock from the chair head to the meeting in question.

  2. Inside the meeting click the Minute Taker button.

  3. Scroll the end of the page and click Request Unlock Approval

This will generate a notification email to whomever is the chair person for this specific meeting where they will be asked to approve the request.

Once the request is approved by the meeting chair you will receive an email notification and be able to login and edit the minutes.

The changes you make during the unlock are tracked on the system for reference.

Once you have modified the minutes remember to re-lock/re-sign them off.

Updated: 19 February 2021