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Can I edit signed off minutes?


How to quikcly tell if your meeting minutes are signed off. In the Upcoming/Past Meeting tab find the meeting. If it is signed off then next to the meeting name you will see a small file/contract icon in grey.

Once minutes have been placed in the signed-off state you will not be able to edit them.

If a situation arises where minutes do legitimately need to be edited then please contact us on with a request to unlock a specific meeting. You will need to include in your request:

  • the specific meeting to unlock

  • CC'd to another Admin or office holder on your portal or the chairperson of the meeting.

  • The reason for requesting unlock.

While this process may seem onerous, since meeting minutes in many jurisdictions are a form of legal document we need to follow a clear and documented process when unlocking them.

Updated: 08 July 2020